Winter in Trattenbach is very varied! Away from the bustling everday life, embedded between the Otterberg and the Hochwechsel massif, inmidst peaceful nature, our village lies - despite all of this only an hour´s drive away from Vienna.

Plenty of woods, fresh air as well as an ideal altitude regenerate your heart as well as your metabolism and bring back the joyful time of youth.

Circle hiking paths and walks along well-marked paths, riding and fishing for trouts offer joyful relaxation to our guests. Magnificent views over the Rax and Schneeberg mountains as well as the Hochwechsel massif form the attractive background to this recreation area.

In August 2002, a swampland (3,5 km²) have been declared a natural monument. The central spot of this lands is occupied by the Sonnentau plant (drosera rotundifolia), a carnivorous plant to be found typically in swamps.

Everything is possible

Go skiing and cross country skiing in Trattenbach! Apart from beautiful and relaxing walks in our charming village, you can also go cross-country skiing along the Wechsel-Semmering-Panorama cross-country ski run or go skiing on the Feistritzsattel.
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