Spital am Pyhrn

Lovely town in the mountains!

Spital am Pyhrn, a popular holiday destination and winter sports resort, is located at 650m above sea level in Upper Austria´s southernmost region. It is only about 100 km away from Linz, the vibrant capital city. The municipality is part of the political district of Kirchdorf an der Krems; it has 2,300 inhabitants and is divided in 4 parts: Gleinkerau, Seebach, Oberweng and Fahrenberg.

Located in the foothills of Pyhrn pass and surrounded by the mountains of Warscheneck and Totes Gebirge, Spital am Pyhrn makes a perfect holiday resort in the heart of nature. Choose from a variety of highlights and attractions (stunning Vogelsang Gorge!) amid the Pyhrn-Priel holiday region.

Sports, hiking, recreation, cultural highlights!

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Escape the hectic pace of everyday life for a while and relax body & soul! Spital am Pyhrn, surrounded by a breathtaking mountain scenery, offers you a wide range of cozy hotels, inns, B&Bs, private accommodations, apartments and traditional farms. A campsite can be found, too. Take in some cultural events, go on hiking tours, do some sports - The choice is all yours!

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