A warm welcome in Ardagger in the Mostviertel and at the Danube! Here, the must street and the Danube river meet. The community Ardagger - also called the gate to the "Strudengau" - lies embedded between the Danube and the gently rolling hills of the Mostviertel, and furthermore, the must street.
From the Kollmitz hill, the largest elevation of the community, you have a view reaching as far as the Ötscher mountain in the alpine upland. Only 5 km from Amstetten, the central traffic and shopping point of the region, Ardagger offers all modern infrastructure in a quiet, rural surrounding.

Ardagger is characterised by its 4 community parts:
- Stift Ardagger, the cultural centre and "must street village"
- Kollmitzberg, the panorama and pilgrimage hill
- Markt Ardagger, the close shopping centre and biker´s centre
- Stephanshart, must street village at the Danube bicycle trail

Historical and modern cultural enjoyment / museums are as much offered as sport and fun at the Danube and culinary delicacies featuring the must in cosy inns.

The leisure paradise Ardagger

Where Lower and Upper Austria are immediately opposite at the Danube, Ardagger offers one of the most beautiful Danube cycle trail sections. Cyclists can also choose a water way: the Danube navigation Ardagger invites to an excursion on board of the ship, and at the MARINA Raderbauer, you have the possibility to learn water skiing!

Great hiking paths and sights, like monastery Ardagger, the defense church at the 469 m Kollmitzberg or the "Riesenmostbirn" in Leitzing top off the offer.
Historical and modern culture enjoyment is just as well offered as sport and leisure time fun at the Danube and culinary delicacies around the must in cosy inns.

We offer the following sport facilities:
* Cycling and rollerskating at the Danube cycle trail
* Skating and boarding at the Danube wave park
* Hiking on the beautiful hiking paths and along the Danube
* Riding on the paths in the community
* Beach Volleyball at the Danube wave park
* Playing tennis on the courts of the sport union Ardagger
* Football
* Asphalt curling
* Water skiing at the water skiing school Raderbauer
* Fitness/Sauna/Solarium
* Swimming and surfing on the Danube
* Cross country skiing in the Danube woods
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