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Feldkirch, Vorarlberg's second biggest town and administrative center, is conveniently located in the border area of three lovely countries: Austria, Switzerland and Liechtenstein. Feldkirch has still preserved its medieval character thanks to its scenic city towers and countless remains of the fortress walls. Among the highlights not to be missed rank, for example, the Churer Tor town gate, the late Gothic Church of St. Nikolaus, the Cat Tower or the Castle of Schattenburg and a number of cultural attractions and events held throughout the seasons. In the immediate surroundings of Feldkirch visitors find a huge variety of interesting excursion sites and destinations like the Ardetzenberg wildlife park, countless rock climbing areas and the 450 hectare big Bangs-Matschels nature preserve.

Remains of the medieval past

Feldkirch's truly unique flair can be discovered on a wonderful guided tour, following the traces of this medieval trading town and important center in the Reformation period. The surroundings are famous for outstanding nature exploration on splendid theme walking trails leading to the province's most outstanding catholic monasteries of the Dominican and Capuchin Orders, as well as a Buddhist center. In the lovely town center of Feldkirch there are numerous hidden spots and medieval treasures like the Schattenburg castle nestling on a green hill above the center, where the Dukes of Montfort had their domicile. Feldkirch and its 30,000 inhabitants have a lot to offer to sporty vacationers: breathtaking mountain bike trails between Katzenturm and Schellenberg, homey rest stop areas, quaint inns, rock climbing gardens for the whole family on the river Ill, fabulous hiking routes and walking trails in the environs of the Ardetzenberg alpine wildlife park where lynx, red deer and other local forest animals await you. Feldkirch offers something for all preferences and ages.
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