The Valais is a French and German speaking canton of Switzerland. Situated in Switzerland’s southwest, it is completely surrounded by the Alps.
In the summer the Swiss canton of Valais has plenty to offer to its visitors. With 250 kilometers of hiking trails, the Valais is a great destination for hiking holidays. Those in search of an adrenaline kick can soar down the mountains with a hang glider or paraglider. Grächen is one of Switzerland’s towns that enjoys long sunshine hours and clean, invigorating country air, and gets the lowest amount of rainfall. Grächen also boasts one of Switzerland’s most beautiful Kneipp facilities.

Thanks to its location the Valais offers consistently reliable snow conditions. The gigantic Valais Winter Sports Region caters to skiers and riders of all experience levels, as well as sun worshippers. The canton’s many ski areas boast ski lifts that take you to over 3000 meters above sea level.

Non-skiers will love the great choice of Nordic ski trails, tobogganing tracks and cleared winter hiking trails.

The Valais offers a great selection of accommodations, including everything from 4-star hotels to farmhouses, rooms and apartments.

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