Munich - A cultural city & the capital of Bavaria. Boasting a great variety of highlights, sights and special attractions.
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Oktoberfest and Christmas market, opera festivals and Biennale, leisure paradise and center of research and science, home to powerful companies and Germany´s most fertile breeding ground for new technologies - all this plus a lot more makes Munich what it is. Truly unique.

Munich is the capital of the state of Bavaria, home to its finest museums, dotted with castles and a perfect base for a wide range of outdoor activities.

Munich´s entertainment scene will keep you busy for sure and caters to all tastes and ages. Spend a pleasurable night at one of the many traditional beer halls and gardens or treat yourself to a wonderful classical music or opera performance.

Munich offers something for everyone!

Stunning atmosphere

Bavaria´s metropolis radiates a Southern charm thanks to its historic churches reminding of the Italian capital or the Florence style facades.

Not one day goes by without cultural events; on every stroll you will encounter charming shops, around every corner there are fine restaurants for all tastes.
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