The village of Cagnò is located in Valle di Non, shortly after the bridge at Mostizzolo, where the Valle di Sole begins. It lies beneath Monte Ozol at the mouth of the Valle della Pescara, at the edge of the panoramic Quaternary terracing ending at the Valle delle Piole which separates it from that of Revò, from Lake Santa Giustina and the deep gash of the Valle della Pescara.
The village has preserved the layout and appearance of the late Middle Ages with the insertion of later high class tourist residences, 19th century restoration and some modern growth. The parish church of San Valentino stands on the lower side of the square, squeezed between a series of houses. It is a modest Gothic church built in the early 16th century and extended in 1885 when it took on the curious shape it has today. Some of the houses on the square are also of particular interest: Casa Pontara, Casa Mattei and Residenza De Pretis.
On the hill above the village we can see the few remains of the Casazza, a Medieval fortification which, local legend has it, was built by Attila the Hun. To the north-west of the village lie the white ruins of the San Gallo hermitage with the remains of a chapel.
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