Torbole Lake Garda
TORBOLE SUL GARDA. The village stands on a calcareous slope on the sides of Mount Baldo with the houses set in an amphitheatre on the bay.
Given its ventilated position and the prohibition of motorboats use, this has become an internationally-renown sailing and wind-surfing centre and represents an authentic haven for the enthusiasts who consider this area as one of the best places to practise water sports. The famous writer Goethe defined Torbole and its incredible winds as "a marvel of nature, an enchanting place". The most striking part of Torbole has preserved its original appearance typical of a fishing village which was created centuries ago.
The most picturesque site of Torbole is the small port with the characteristic buildings of the Old Customs (15th century) and of the Casa Beust, where artists used to meet after the Second World War. Charming sites are reminiscent of past traditions, such as the small house of "duty", heritage of the Austro-Hungarian period, and are situated at the entrance to the small port, or the narrow central square where a plaque commemorates Goethe´s stay here.
The village of Torbole was preferred by many German painters who drew the inspiration for their works from the wild beauty of this place.
NAGO is a spectacular door to the lake watching from above as it did when it was a small village at the foot of Penede Castle observing the movements of the Valle dell´Adige towards the lake. This is one of the most beautiful sites of this area and is of great interest due to the rich Mediterranean flora, for the unforgettable views of the whole Lake Garda and for the ruins of the castle (12th century) set in a splendid park. The area of Nago-Torbole also includes the Mount Baldo Nature Park which is called "The Garden of Europe" because of its botanical richness. In this wonderful natural habitat there exist many plant species and the many endemisms made it world-wide known and attract many scholars and tourists.
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