Welschnofen/Nova Levante
Nova Levante-Carezza lies approximately 20 km. (12 miles) east of Bolzano at the foot of the Catinaccio and Latemar mountains. This idyllic community in the beautiful mountain world of the Dolomites is reached by ascending through the wildly romantic porphyry gorge of the val d´Ega (Ega Valley). Aside from the town center, this village, clustered along the road, is the longest in the province of South Tyrol (16 km/10 miles), with inhabited settlements strewn throughout the area and farmhouses found as high up as 1,600 m. (5,200 ft.) above sea level. In the famous Carezza Forest, which reaches all the way up to the stone face of the Latemar mountains, is to be found the renowned "singing Wood", from which violins are made. This contiguous forest of spruce and fir is among the most splendid and well looked after in the Alps. A must for every guest is without a doubt a quick trip to the Lake Carezza, which with its unique turquoise-blue color fascinates the eye of every observer.
However, those who are less enamored of hiking also do not come up short: they will be taken care of by the outdoor swimming pool, the golf course, the riding stables, and the colorful and varied program of events.
In the winter, Nova Levante-Carezza, with its many winter sport possibilities, is an absolute paradise for all those who are in search of the perfect vacation, especially families.
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